I speak regularly on finding meaning, discovering your purporse (innovation) and making that innovation the most valuable in your market to meetups, associations and top corporations. I’ve also been involved in facilitating workshops and interactive seminars. Email vitojgrigorov@gmail.com to receive more information.

Vito is an amazon author, bestselling in popular culture called “Origin of Why: The proven purpose and meaning of life“. He has also been a producer, co-host of a TV show and a startup co-founder. Mentoring other startups is a passion to him as he has done at the Sydney based UNSW 10x program.

– Estimating how much free time you have per week, month and year
– Figuring out how you spend your time and if your satisfied with that
– Discovering your purpose and how many people will you impact
– How the purpose connects to the meaning of life
– Figuring out how to increase value factors of your purpose
– What next steps to take to test your innovation with the market
– How the future will impact your innovation