Almost a third of your whole life is spent asleep. Based on exciting new peer-reviewed research, mass-participation experiments and the world’s largest archive of dream reports, Night School reveals how to: * Learn information and solve problems while you sleep * Find out why nightmares can be good for you, and what your dreams really mean * Unlock the creative power of the six-minute nap * Banish jet-lag, night terrors and snoring * Discover the secrets of the ‘super sleepers’ – and get the best night’s sleep of your life Even a small lack of sleep has a detrimental effect on our health and happiness. Professor Richard Wiseman’s authoritative, entertaining new book introduces the powerful new science of sleep – and gives us back the missing third of our days.

– As a rough average our body goes through 5-6, 90 minute cycles. If we wake up during the cycle we will feel groggy, wake at end we feel refreshed.

– When flying set time to destination time moment you board the plane, hence you’ll know when to fall asleep on the flight.

– Recommends 5-6 hours after gym or workout is best for sleeping as heart rate goes down

– Finding hard to fall asleep, go through alphabet A to Z and name city names one by one along the way.

– Find some classical music to play before falling asleep to ASSOCIATE with falling asleep

-We understimate how much we are sleeping, so when u THINK you not sleeping push it aside and simply remember that you are.

-During 6 min sleep sessions, tense toes and feet for 10 sec and then move up throughout the body and do the same

-If learning some activity best to have light sleep in morning, which is when u wake up and sleep in a little

-10 hour sleeps improved athelets performances in 1 study for all diff types of sports

– Between 6 min-60 min naps are good, place ear plugs and sleep cap on in order to eliminate any distractions

– Examples of napping times based on morning waking times: If wake at 7am nap at 2pm wake at 9am nap at 3 pm


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