LEAN ENTREPRENEUR – Brant Cooper & Peter Vlaskovits

The Lean Entrepreneur moves us beyond this myth. It combines powerful customer insight, rapid experimentation, and easily actionable data from the Lean Startup methodology to empower individuals, companies, and entire teams to evolve their vision, solve problems, and create value at the speed of the Internet. See book at https://www.amazon.com/Lean-Entrepreneur-Visionaries-Products-Innovate/dp/111829534X

# One mans myth is another mans religion

# Value hording – are your treating the symptom not the problem?

# Many people will have great ideas that wont work and sometimes its not the idea but the unequipped personality of person implementing it

# Predict customer needs (zappos doesnt try to limit call times as the service comes first)

# focus on the smallest thing that will move the needle of your business

# vanity metrics are unactionable¬† – the less steps the better u’ll be than the rest

# in all business processes ask what is the cust buying process ( or the assumed one).  What do we then need to overcome in that process to get them to buy?

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