TRUST ME, I’M LYING – Ryan Holiday

Book can be found here (this is an Amazon associate link which earns us commission to keep things going)and notes & interesting quotes are below:
This book catalogs the extent to which media manipulators go in order to create virality for their stories. Somewhat dated given the space moves so fast.

# The website politico covered a political candidate 2 years before the election, having a reporter with him every day reporting on his moves, this gained them a surg in traffic as people became interested in such reporting.

#One tactic was to plant a story in a low quality blog, its used a source by a higher quality blog and then goes onto being in the media on cable news. Politicians use this tactic to “refer” to sources, even though the sources are just making everything up.

# The food chain = people bloggers post,  commercial bloggers pick it up and repost, the online journalist repeat this, then national media report on it – repeats again

# even a story that no media outlet wanted to run like the koran burning was still unleashed through a  blog and then picked up in the google news by news outlets

# many blogs are after exclusives, as they can claim they are better at finding the news than other outlets

# blogs build an audience through controversy or content in order to get sold down the line

# bloggers working for media outlets are paid in some cases on the n.o of hits their articles get in a month, hence why stories are now more sensational than before

# low quality stories are put out as press releases on PRWEB and as they’re deemed “official” bloggers will publish as they can blame the newswire that put them out

# Stock brokers can create fake press release for small cap companies saying large cap companies  is to buy them, increasing  the price then selling stock for profit

# Rememeber its all a game for the blooggers they are making this stuff up about you and if not then about someone else

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