Book can be found here (this is an Amazon associate link which earns us commission to keep things going) and summary of interesting quotes (not many) are below:

# A scientific theory is usually felt to be better than its
predecessors not only in the sense that it is a better instrument for
discovering and solving puzzles but also because it is somehow a better
representation of what nature is really like. One often hears that
successive theories grow ever closer to, or approximate more and more
closely to, the truth.

# ask the right questions and u’ll get the right answers, everything comes back to the concepts that they define as seen within language so make sure you make the best of language as you can

# Without the Principia (Newtons book for example, measurements made with the Atwood machine would have
meant nothing at all.

# Special telescopes to demonstrate the Copernican prediction of annual parallax; Atwood’s
machine, first invented almost a century after the Principia, to give the
first unequivocal demonstration of Newton’s second law; Foucault’s
apparatus to show that the speed of light is greater in air than in water

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